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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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2';                                     THE
FC'iri^ ::" the jiod witfi the peacock crest, dust thai like the cow of heaven yields
tie f-lis'v** of enjoyment to all 'who -worship with rapturous emotion.
5. " Glory to the goddess of the hover, who with an embrace the qnintes-
senee of Lwenly bliss, like a bountiful ware of ambrosia, sprinkled and restored
to life the &on of Xanda, swooning nnder the stroke of Love's thousand arrows^
*5. * When will there visit as that essence of the ocean of delight, the face
of B;HLi with sweet coy glances, bewildering us with the brilliance of ever
twinkling ST crave play, a store-house of erery element of embodied sweetness?
7.    (* When shall I become the handmaid to sweep the court-yard of the
bower of love for the all-blissful daughter of Yrisha-bhanu,among' whose servants
oft and a^ala every day are heard the soft tones of the peacock-crested god?
8.    " O my sonlj leave at a distance all the host of the great, and affection-
ately hie to the woods of Brinda-ban : here Badha's name is as a flood of nectar
on ilis .son! for the beatification of the pious, a store-house of all that is divine.
0. K When shall I hear the voice of Messed Hadha, that fonntain of delights
crving  Xay? Nay/ with knitted brows, as some gallant suitor, fallen at her feet,
Legs for the rapturous joy of her embrace ?
10,    i; "When, oh when, will Badhika stow me favour, that incarnation of
the fall ness of the ocean of perfect love, the marvellous glory of the glistening
splendour of whose lotus feet was seen among the herdsmen's wives ?
11,    *** When shall I attain to the blissful vision of the golddess of the
b!ocn:isg bowers of the woods of BriEda-ban, her eyes all tremulous with love,
aal tlie iirterent members of her Ixidy like the waves of an overflowing ocean
of delight?
12,    " 0          of Brindi-Ban, I betake me to'thy lotus feet, fraught with
the  honeyed Mood of luve's ambrosia^ which planted in Madhu-pati's heart,
asstugel by their grateful coolness the fierce fever of desire,
13,    u Fain would my son! loiter in the woods sacred to Mdha's loves,
where the sprays of the creepers have been plucked by Eadha's hands, where the
fragrant soil                with              footprints, and where the frequent birds
aifa madly garrulous with              praises*
14,    <fc When, 0 daughter of Vriaha-bWura, shall I experience the conceit
by exeess of voluptuous dalliance, I your' handmaid, charged with the
message, * Came md enjoy Krishna's dainties/ and answered with Hie smile,
4 Oaly slaty3,            till night comes."